Best Way To Find A Water Leak Underground

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Best Way To Find A Water Leak Underground. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. How you read the meter depends on the type of meter you have:

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Depending on the water meter brand, the indicator of a leak could be a small silver wheel that rotates when there is water that flows. When the pressurized gas finds a leak, it comes blowing out, producing a loud hiss. Diy underground water leak detection you have several ways to detect a leak without expensive equipment.

Stanford researchers develop a better way to detect underground water leaks.

Or in the case of your water main, underneath or outside your home. Check your water meter check your water meter for water usage while your home’s main water valve is shut off. Next it's time to find out where that leak is. Learn the different sounds water pipes make so you can find the source of your water line leak.